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Race Timing Calendar


SWVK - Speedway Vertical 1.1KM   18.JUN.2022 www.speedwayultra.com  
Drama Wine Trail 10K 29.MAY.2022 2 drama wine trail
Theagenios ULTRA 100K 07.MAY.2022  www.theageniosultra.gr 
 Theagenios 20K  07.MAY.2022 www.theageniosultra.gr 
 SW6H - Speedway Track 6 HOURS  10.APR.2022 1/loop   www.speedwayultra.com
SWUT - Speedway Ultra Trail 100K 09.APR.2022  10   www.speedwayultra.com
Via Egnatia RUN 10KM 26.SEPT.2021 (C) 2 VIA EGNATIA DRAMA
SW46 - Speedway MARATHON 46KM 19.SEPT.2021 6 www.speedwayultra.com 
 SW10 - Speedway TRAIL 10KM 19.SEPT.2021  3 www.speedwayultra.com 
ΖΥΓΑΚΤΗΣ TRAIL 23KM  11.JUL.2021 5  
SWVK - Speedway Vertical 1.1KM  29.MAY.2021  www.speedwayultra.com 
Theagenios ULTRA 100K 24.APR.2021(C) www.theageniosultra.gr 
 Theagenios 20K 24.APR.2021(C)  www.theageniosultra.gr
SW6H - Speedway Track 6 HOURS 28.FEB.2021 (P) 1/loop   www.speedwayultra.com 
SWUT - Speedway Ultra Trail 100K  27.FEB.2021 (P) 10  www.speedwayultra.com 
THE ROAD OF WATER [MTB CHALLEGE] 03 & 04.10.20 (C) 6 www.multipletrails.com
SW20TEN 10 LOOPS TRACK 26.09.2020 (C) 1/loop www.speedwayultra.com
SW20TEN 10KM TRAIL RUN 26.09.2020 (C) 3 www.speedwayultra.com
SWVK - Speedway Vertical 1.1KM 13.JUN.2020  3  www.verticalrun.gr 
Theagenios ULTRA 100K 25.APR.2010 (C) 7 www.theageniosultra.gr
Theagenios 20K 25.APR.2010 (C) 3 www.theageniosultra.gr
SWHM - Speedway Trail 21K 22.MAR.2020 (C) 3 www.speedwayultra.com
  SW6H - Speedway Track 6 HOURS 21.MAR.2020 (C) 1/loop www.speedwayultra.com 
SWUT - Speedway Ultra Trail 100K 21.MAR.2020 (C) 10 www.speedwayultra.com 
Winterun Palia Kavala 20K 02.FEB.2020 3 www.paliakavala.gr
Via Egnatia RUN 10KM 19.OCT.2019 2 Via Egnatia Drama
 Pagoneri Trail 11K 06.OCT.2019  -races/pagoneri 
 10th Wood Water Wild 19K 23.JUN.2019 www.woodwaterwild.gr
 4th verticalRUN 1.1K 08.JUN.2019 www.verticalrun.gr
Theagenios ULTRA 100K 20.APR.2019 7 www.theageniosultra.gr
Theagenios ULTRA 20K 20.APR.2019 3 www.theageniosultra.gr
Winterun Palia Kavala 20K  03.FEB.2019 3 www.paliakavala.gr
Λαϊκό μονοπάτι άλσους Νυμφαίας 18.NOV.2018 2 www.spartakos-rodopis.gr
  verticalRUN Noire 3.5KM 17.NOV.2018 2 www.verticalrun.gr  
Xiropotamos Trail 11KM 23.SEPT.2018 2 https://xiropotamos-trail
Via Egnatia RUN 10KM 19.SEPT.2018 2 Via Egnatia DRAMA
 Granitis Trail Run 21KM  02.SEPT.2018 www.granitistrail.gr 
verticalRUN 1.1KM   09.JUNE.2018  www.verticalrun.gr
Frozen Peaks - Highland 89K 27.MAY.2018 4 unofficial time keeping
Frozen Peaks - Panorama 265K 24.MAY.2018 12 unofficial time keeping
 Vergina Beer Run 6K 15.APR.2018 2 vergina beer run 



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